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ANNA (15)

Show times:
9th August - 8.30pm
10th August - 8.30pm
Director: Luc Besson.
Starring: Sasha Luss, Cillian Murphy, Helen Mirren.
France/USA 2019. 119 mins.

An aspirational tale about Anna Poliatova, a stunning model who’s also a ruthless KGB assassin. But Anna is tired of being shuffled from place to place and the photographers and
spy-masters who dominate her days. She starts to worry that a life spent taking other lives might not be what she really wants. A slick action thriller from the director of La Femme Nikita.


Show times:
20th July - 6.45pm
21st July - 2.45pm
Director: Todd Douglas Miller.
USA 2019. 93 mins.

Crafted from a newly discovered trove of 70-mm footage and more than 11,000 hours of uncatalogued audio, Apollo 11 takes us straight to the heart of NASA’s most celebrated mission – the first manned lunar landing. Immersed in the perspectives of the astronauts, the team in mission control, and the millions of spectators on the ground, we vividly experience those momentous days and hours in 1969 when humankind took a giant leap into the future.


Show times:
23rd August - 8.30pm
24th August - 7.45pm
25th August - 4.30pm
26th August - 7.30pm
27th August - 2.00pm
28th August - 8.00pm
29th August - 6.00pm

Director: Gurinder Chadha.
Starring: Viviek Kalra, Hayley Atwell, Rob Brydon.
UK 2019. 117 mins.

The year is 1987. When music fanatic Javed discovers the illustrious back catalogue of Bruce Springsteen, his world is turned upside down. His passion for music and writing
is set alight by the songs of the working-class poet, whose lyrics feel all too familiar to him. Yearning to escape his rundown hometown and the rules of his traditional Pakistani
household, the teenage dreamer must discover if he too was born to run.
Contains racist language and behaviour and moderate bad language.


Show times:
16th August - 2.45pm
17th August - 1.15pm
18th August - 12.45pm
19th August - 11.00am
20th August - 12.15pm
21st August - 1.15pm
22nd August - 12.45pm
Director: Dominic Brigstocke.
Starring: Emilia Jones, Sebastian Croft, Craig Roberts, Kate Nash.
UK 2019. 92 mins.

Who are the Celts? What have the Romans ever done for us? And why is Emperor Nero dousing himself in horse wee? Find out in 90 minutes of historical hijinks based on the popular children’s books by Terry Deary.


Show times:
20th July - 4.00pm
22nd July - 8.30pm
23rd July - 5.30pm
Director: F. Gary Gray.
Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Kumail Nanjiani, Rebecca Ferguson, Rafe Spall, Laurent Bourgeois, Larry Bourgeois, Emma Thompson, Liam Neeson.
UK/USA 2019. 115 mins.

Chris Hemsworth (Marvel’s Thor) and Tessa Thompson (Creed, TV’s Westworld) bring charm, chemistry and charisma to a London-based refresh of the iconic sci-fi comedy series. In this new adventure, the MIB’s UK branch pairs its top agent (Hemsworth) with its newest recruit (Thompson) to investigate a series of attacks by mysterious shape-shifting aliens. As they track their targets around the globe, they uncover an even bigger threat: a mole in the MIB organisation.
Contains moderate violence, threat, sex references and language.


Show times:
7th August - 6.00pm
8th August - 8.30pm
Director: Trevor Nunn.
Starring: Judi Dench, Sophie Cookson, Tom Hughes, Stephen Campbell Moore.
UK 2018. 101 mins.

Judi Dench stars in the extraordinary true story of the KGB’s longest-serving British agent.
Contains moderate sex and suicide references.


Show times:
13th August - 7.00pm
15th August - 8.00pm
17th August - 8.15pm
18th August - 5.30pm
19th August - 8.15pm
21st August - 8.30pm
Director: Dexter Fletcher.
Starring: Taron Egerton, Jamie Bell, Richard Madden, Bryce Dallas Howard.
UK/USA 2019. TBC mins.

Rocketman is an epic musical fantasy about the breakthrough years of larger-than-life superstar Elton John (Egerton). Set to John’s most beloved songs (performed by Egerton), it tells the uncensored human story of how small-town boy and shy piano prodigy Reginald Dwight became one of the most iconic figures in pop culture. Rocketman also stars Jamie Bell as John’s longtime lyricist and writing partner Bernie Taupin, Richard Madden as John’s first manager, John Reid, and Bryce Dallas Howard as John’s mother Sheila Farebrother. Dexter Fletcher, who took over directorial duties for the smash hit musical biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, is at the helm.


Show times:
25th August - 7.00pm
26th August - 5.30pm
27th August - 7.30pm
28th August - 6.00pm
Director: Carl Hunter.
Starring: Bill Nighy, Sam Riley, Jenny Agutter, Alice Lowe, Tim McInnerny.
UK 2018. 87 mins.

With a witty script from veteran screenwriter Frank Cottrell Boyce and a striking visual style from director Carl Hunter reminiscent of the work of Wes Anderson and Aki Kaurismäki, this quirky and moving comedy-drama tells the story of a family with an exceptional Scrabble vocabulary who cannot put their words to use and communicate with each other. A superb Bill Nighy stars as Alan, a Scrabble-obsessed tailor on a journey to reconnect with his two sons.


Show times:
2nd August - 3.15pm & 8.30pm
3rd August - 3.00pm & 5.45pm
4th August - 7.45pm
5th August - 5.15pm
Director: Jon Watts.
Starring: Tom Holland, Samuel L. Jackson, Zendaya, Cobie Smulders, Jon Favreau, Jake Gyllenhaal, Marisa Tomei.
USA 2019. 129 mins.

After five years and all that happened in Endgame, Peter Parker (Holland) just wants things to return to some sort of normality. But Nick Fury (Jackson) has other ideas, roping
Parker into tackling the mystery of several elemental creature attacks across the continent. In the absence of Iron Man, the webslinger must step up and take on new threats in a world that has changed forever.
Contains moderate fantasy violence, threat, sex references and language.


Show times:
23rd August - 6.00pm
27th August - 5.00pm
29th August - 8.30pm
Director: Simon Curtis.
Starring: Kevin Costner, Milo Ventimiglia, Amanda Seyfried.
USA 2019. TBC mins.

Based on the bestselling novel by Garth Stein, The Art Of Racing In The Rain is a heartfelt tale narrated by a witty and philosophical dog named Enzo (voiced by Kevin Costner). Through his eyes, we follow the highs and lows in the life of his owner, Denny Swift (Milo Ventimiglia), an aspiring Formula One driver. Through their bond, Enzo gains tremendous insight into the human condition and understands that the techniques needed on the racetrack can also be used to navigate the journey of life.


Show times:
16th August - 5.00pm
17th August - 6.00pm
18th August - 8.00pm
19th August - 6.15pm
20th August - 5.00pm
21st August - 6.00pm
22nd August - 8.00pm
29th August - 2.00pm
Director: Alfonso Gomez-Rejon.
Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Shannon, Tom Holland, Nicholas Hoult, Katherine Waterston.
USA 2017. 108 mins.

Tracking the intense rivalry between inventor Thomas Edison (Benedict Cumberbatch) and revered entrepreneur George Westinghouse (Michael Shannon), this slick, entertaining
period drama tells the dramatic story of the late 19th century race to light up America and power the world. Rounding out the cast are Nicholas Hoult as the eccentric inventor Nikola Tesla, Katherine Waterston as Westinghouse’s outspoken wife Marguerite, Tom Holland as Edison’s confident young secretary Samuel Insull and Tuppence Middleton as Edison’s supportive wife Mary.
Contains moderate bloody images and execution scenes.


Show times:
23rd August - 1.00pm
24th August - 3.15pm
25th August - 2.15pm
26th August - 3.15pm
27th August - 11.30am
28th August - 11.30am
Director: Thurop Van Orman.
Voices: Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Danny McBride, Peter Dinklage.
Finland/USA 2019. TBC mins.

The flightless angry birds and the scheming green piggies take their beef to the next level when a new threat emerges that puts both Bird and Pig Island in danger. Red, Chuck, Bomb and Mighty Eagle recruit Chuck’s sister Silver (Rachel Bloom) and team up with pigs Leonard, his assistant Courtney (Awkwafina), and techpig Garry (Sterling K. Brown) to forge an unsteady truce and form an unlikely superteam to save their homes.


Show times:
9th August - 1.00pm, 3.30pm & 6.00pm
10th August - 12.45pm, 3.15pm & 6.00pm
11th August - 2.00pm & 4.30pm
12th August - 11.30am, 2.00pm & 5.00pm
13th August - 11.00am (Relaxed Screening), 2.00pm & 4.30pm
14th August - 1.00pm, 3.30pm & 6.00pm
15th August - 12.30pm & 3.00pm & 5.30pm
16th August - 7.30pm

17th August - 11.00am & 3.30pm
18th August - 3.00pm
19th August - 1.15pm & 3.45pm
20th August - 2.30pm & 7.30pm
21st August - 11.00am & 3.30pm
22nd August - 3.00pm & 5.30pm
23rd August - 3.15pm
24th August - 12.45pm
Director: Jon Favreau.
Voices: Donald Glover, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, James Earl Jones, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Seth Rogen, Billy Eichner.
USA 2019. 120 mins.

Eye-poppingly realistic CGI brings to life Disney’s cherished animation about a lion cub’s brave journey from pride outcast to proud king. Jon Favreau’s immersive vision gathers a majestic cast on the African savannah to honour all the seminal moments and iconic songs of the original film. James Earl Jones reprises his role as King Mufasa and Donald Glover
is Simba, the young prince.


Show times:
5th August - 1.00pm
6th August - 12.30pm
7th August - 1.45pm
8th August - 4.00pm
Directors: Vincent Kesteloot, Ben Stassen.
 Voices: Julie Walters, Jack Whitehall, Tom Courtenay.
Belgium 2019. 85 mins.

This cute animation tells the story of Rex, a puppy given to the Queen which instantly becomes her favourite dog. But Rex is a little bit too cheeky, mischievous and bumptious for his own good and is forced to flee the palace. Then begins his epic quest to redeem his status as Her Majesty’s favourite dog.


Show times:
19th July - 1.30pm, 3.45pm & 6.00pm
20th July - 11.00am (Relaxed Screening) & 1.45pm
21st July - 12.30pm
22nd July - 1.30pm & 3.45pm
23rd July - 1.00pm & 3.15pm
24th July - 1.30pm & 3.45pm
25th July - 8.15pm
26th July - 1.30pm, 3.45pm & 6.00pm
27th July - 12.15pm, 2.30pm & 4.45pm
28th July - 1.00pm
29th July - 1.15pm & 3.30pm
30th July - 1.30pm & 3.45pm
31st July - 11.00am & 2.00pm

1st August - 1.15pm & 3.45pm
2nd August - 1.00pm
3rd August - 12.45pm
4th August - 12.30pm
5th August - 3.00pm
6th August - 5.00pm
7th August - 3.45pm
8th August - 1.30pm
24th August -5.30pm
25th August - 11.30am
26th August - 1.00pm
Director: Josh Cooley.
Voices: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Annie Potts, Tony Hale, Keanu Reeves, Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele.
USA 2019. 100 mins.

The story of Woody, Buzz and the gang continues in another rollercoaster of a movie, which promises to pull on the heartstrings and tickle the funny bones of kids and grown-ups
alike. On a road-trip adventure alongside new faces and old friends, Woody learns just how big the world can be for a toy.


Show times:
12th August - 7.30pm
14th August - 8.30pm

Director: Chanya Button.
Starring: Gemma Arterton, Elizabeth Debicki, Isabella Rossellini.
Ireland/UK 2018. 110 mins.

Socialite Vita Sackville-West (Gemma Arterton) and literary icon Virginia Woolf (Elizabeth Debicki) run in different circles in 1920s London. Despite the odds, the magnetic Vita and the beguiling Virginia forge an unconventional affair, set against the backdrop of their own strikingly contemporary marriages. Their relationship would inspire one of Woolf’s most iconic novels, ‘Orlando’.
Contains moderate sex, sex references and nudity.


Show times:
19th July - 8.15pm
20th July - 8.30pm
21st July - 4.30pm
22nd July - 6.00pm
23rd July - 8.00pm
24th July - 6.00pm & 8.30pm
25th July - 4.30pm
26th July - 8.15pm
28th July - 6.45pm
29th July - 6.00pm & 8.30pm
30th July - 6.00pm & 8.30pm
31st July - 4.15pm

1st August - 6.00pm & 8.30pm
2nd August - 6.00pm
3rd August - 8.30pm
4th August - 2.45pm (HOH/Subtitled) & 5.15pm
5th August - 8.00pm
6th August - 2.30pm & 7.30pm
7th August - 8.15pm
8th August - 6.00pm
28th August - 2.00pm
Director: Danny Boyle.
Starring: Himesh Patel, Lily James, Kate McKinnon.
UK 2019. 116 mins.

When aspiring singer-songwriter Jack Malik (Patel) is hit by a car he comes round to find that nobody remembers The Beatles – apart from him! Feeling obliged to bring the melodies of the Fab Four back to life, Jack rises to global stardom. But he may have taken on more than he can handle.
Contains infrequent strong language, drug references and moderate sex references.