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Show times:
26th October - 8.30pm
27th October - 5.30pm
28th October - 2.00pm
29th October - 8.15pm
30th October - 2.00pm & 7.15pm
31st October - 8.15pm
1st November - 4.00pm
Director: Bradley Cooper.
Starring: Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Sam Elliot,  Dave Chappelle, Anthony Ramos, Bonnie Somerville.
USA 2018. 136 mins.

Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut is a new take on a timeless story: an ill-fated romance between a seasoned musician fading from fame and the struggling young singer he pushes into the limelight and helps to stardom. Even as her career begins to take off, the personal side of their relationship breaks down, and he must battle alone with his own, destructive demons. Previous film versions have starred Janet Gaynor and Fredric March (1937), James Mason and Judy Garland (1954) and Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson (1976). Now Cooper and pop superstar Lady Gaga – almost unrecognisable as a demure, dishwater brunette – play the two lovers with, astonishingly, all of the performances shot live and the film’s original songs recorded at Coachella and Glastonbury music festivals in 2017.


Show times:
19th October - 3.45pm & 8.15pm
20th October - 3.45pm & 6.00pm
21st October - 12.30pm & 5.00pm
22nd October - 8.15pm
23rd October - 5.00pm
24th October - 8.15pm
25th October - 6.00pm
Director: David Kerr.
Starring: Olga Kurylenko,  Emma Thompson, Rowan Atkinson.
UK 2018. TBC mins.

Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) is back in hilarious, characteristically clumsy style as accidental secret agent Johnny English in the third instalment of the much-loved spy spoof. When the British secret service is hacked and all of their agents exposed, English is on hand to put things right – or at least try to. He launches back into the world of espionage with renewed vigour but still manages to do absolutely nothing right.


Show times:
26th October - 6.00pm
29th October - 6.00pm
30th October - 5.00pm
31st October - 6.00pm
Director: Richard Eyre.
Starring: Emma Thompson,  Stanley Tucci, Fionn Whitehead.
UK 2017. 105 mins.

Brilliant high court judge Fiona Maye (Thompson) finds herself with a life-changing decision to make. Does she convince young Jehovah’s Witness Adam (Dunkirk’s Whitehead), who has leukaemia, to accept a life-saving blood transfusion or does she bow to the wishes of the family? What is it the boy truly wants? With her private life in disarray, Adam’s case becomes Fiona’s focus. She takes sensational and unusual measures to stop court proceedings, and visits the boy in hospital before making the life-and-death decision. Adapted from the bestselling novel by Ian McEwan, with Richard Eyre (Notes On A Scandal, King Lear) in the director’s chair, The Children Act sees Thompson deliver one of the most poignant and stellar performances of her career. Contains infrequent strong language.


Show times:
27th October - 8.30pm
Director: Jim Sharman.
Starring: Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick,  Richard O’ Brien, Jonathan Adams, Meat Loaf.
UK/USA 1975. 101 mins.

“I see you shiver with anticip... ation”. All-American couple Janet and Brad find their morals under threat when they become the unexpected guests of transvestite scientist Frank-N-Furter. Sing along to favourite tunes such as ‘Time Warp’, ‘Damn It Janet’ and ‘Sweet Transvestite’.
Full audience participation pack included in the ticket price! Tickets: £12.00 Luxury, £24.00 Sofa, £10.50 Standard, £9.00 Concessions.


Show times:
19th October - 6.00pm
20th October - 8.00pm
21st October - 7.00pm
22nd October - 6.00pm
23rd October - 2.00pm & 7.00pm
24th October - 6.00pm
25th October - 8.00pm
Director: Björn Runge.
Starring: Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce, Max Irons, Annie Starke, Elizabeth McGovern, Harry Lloyd, Christian Slater.
Sweden/USA/UK 2017. 100 mins.

Joan Castleman (Close) has spent 40 years sacrificing her dreams to support her charismatic husband Joe (Pryce) and his literary career. After a lifetime of uneven compromises, Joan and Joe’s marriage has reached the moment of truth. On the eve of the presentation of Joe’s Nobel Prize for Literature, Joan confronts the biggest sacrifice of her life and the biggest secret of his career.