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Booking from 4pm Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun.
Booking from 1pm Sat, Tues.
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18th January - 24th January 

Friday 18th January
Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse (PG) 6.00pm
Mary Poppins Returns (U) 8.30pm

Saturday 19th January
Mary Poppins Returns (U) 12.30pm
Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse (PG) 3.15pm
Mary Poppins Returns (U) 5.45pm
Bohemian Rhapsody (12A) 8.30pm

Sunday 20th January
Mary Poppins Returns (U) 11.00am
Bolshoi Live: La Bayadere 3.00pm
Mary Poppins Returns (U) 6.30pm

Monday 21st January
Free Solo (12A) 6.00pm
Mary Poppins Returns (U) 8.15pm

Tuesday 22nd January
Free Solo (12A) 2.00pm
Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse (PG) 4.15pm
ROH Live: The Queen of Spades 6.45pm

Wednesday 23rd January 
Mary Poppins Returns (U) 6.00pm
Bohemian Rhapsody (12A) 8.30pm

Thursday 24th January
Bohemian Rhapsody (12A) 2.00pm
Mary Poppins Returns (U) 5.30pm
Mary Poppins Returns (U) 8.15pm

25th January - 31st January 

Friday 25th January
Colette (15) 6.00pm
Mortal Engines (12A) 8.15pm

Saturday 26th January 
Mary Poppins Returns (U) 12.30pm
Mary Poppins Returns (U) 3.15pm
Mortal Engines (12A) 6.00pm
Colette (15) 8.30pm

Sunday 27th January
Mary Poppins Returns (U) 2.00pm
Bohemian Rhapsody (12A) 4.45pm
Colette (15) 7.30pm

Monday 28th January
Colette (15) 6.00pm
Bohemian Rhapsody (12A) 8.15pm

Tuesday 29th January 
The Girl in the Spider's Web (15) 2.00pm
Colette (15) 5.00pm
Return of the Hero (12A) 7.30pm

Wednesday 30th January
Colette (15) 4.15pm
ROH Live: La Traviata 6.45pm

Thursday 31st January
Colette (15) 2.00pm
Colette (15) 4.30pm
NT Live: I'm Not Running 7.00pm

1st February - 7th February 

Friday 1st February
Stan & Ollie (PG) 6.00pm
Holmes & Watson (12A) 8.15pm

Saturday 2nd February
Ralph Breaks the Internet (PG) 1.30pm
Stan & Ollie (PG) 4.00pm
Holmes & Watson (12A) 6.00pm
Stan & Ollie (PG) 8.15pm

Sunday 3rd February
Stan & Ollie (PG) 1.00pm
Holmes & Watson (12A) 3.00pm
The Favourite (15) 5.15pm
Stan & Ollie (PG) 7.45pm

Monday 4th February
The Favourite (15) 6.00pm
Stan & Ollie (PG) 8.30pm

Tuesday 5th February
Stan & Ollie (PG) 2.00pm
Stan & Ollie (PG) 4.15pm
EOS: Young Picasso 6.30pm
RBG (PG) 8.15pm

Wednesday 6th February
Stan & Ollie (PG) 6.00pm
The Favourite (15) 8.15pm

Thursday 7th February
RBG (PG) 2.00pn
Stan & Ollie (PG) 6.00pm
The Favourite (15) 8.15pm